Flesh World, Dreamdecay, Toner, Eve's Peach

at Thee Parkside

Time: 9:00pm     Day: Saturday     Ages: 21+ Ages     Price: $10
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Flesh World's story reads like something out of a cult comic book: two San Francisco musicians from seemingly different worlds bond over The Velvet Underground and The Jesus And Mary Chain, and start a cool band in the process. When Jess Scott from fuzzy indie-pop band Brilliant Colors and Scott Moore from queer punks Limp Wrist began writing, they arrived at the middle, releasing music on tastemaking punk labels like La Vida Es Un Mus and Iron Lung. Flesh World's second full-length, Into The Shroud, is due out in September, and it both sharpens and expands the band's twilight-skating post-punk.

On its surface, this cover of Solid Space's "Destination Moon" is all mood, a foggy mid-tempo fantasy. But with a super-crisp and steady rhythm section, bassist Andrew Luttrell and drummer Sam Lefebvre ground the guitar's chorus pedal effects, whirring synths and Jess Scott's lulling vocal melody — that is, until the spaced-out dub section that floats for a moment, and the band re-doubles the swirling dance party.

"Destination Moon is a cover of British duo Solid Space, originally released on cassette in 1982," the band tells NPR. "Flesh World wanted to re-imagine this trip to the moon, but with stop-offs in the land of King Tubby, U-Roy and late-Blondie." -NPR



Sometimes it's immediate, like lightning. And sometimes it's a steadily building slow burn. In the case of Dreamdecay, its both.

Crafted painstakingly over the course of four years, Dreamdecay's follow-up to their debut LP, N V N V N V, arrived earlier this year, forged from the pain of lineup changes, song restructuring and years of live shows. Recorded over several sessions that varied from single tracking to full live band, the results are immediate, urgent and — most importantly — fantastic.

YÚ is the band's latest effort, available now via Iron Lung. Themes of alienation, conformity and dissolution are the primary conduit for the record, filtered through thundering post-punk and drug-induced Krautrock grooves. It's a massive achievement, and quietly one of the most interesting records of the year. The live show is no joke either.




Eve's Peach