Slick's Bash:

Throw Rag, Speedbuggy USA, The Richmond Sluts, Cheap Tissue

at Thee Parkside

Time: 9:00pm     Day: Friday     Ages: 21+ Ages     Price: $15
This Event Has Ended

Slick's Bash:

Throw Rag is a four-piece punk rock band from the Salton Sea, California. Formed in 1993, Throw Rag has been fronted by Sean Wheeler (a.k.a. Captain Sean Doe, a.k.a. Diamond Boss, a.k.a. Sun Trash) since the inception of the band. Other current members of the band are Patrick Bostrom (a.k.a. Dino, a.k.a. Dean McQueen) on lead guitar, Frank Cronin (a.k.a. Franco Fontana, a.k.a. New Rome Emperor) on bass, and Daniel Lapham (a.k.a. Scorcho) on sampler. In its various incarnations, Throw Rag has been categorized as rockabilly, punk rock, psychobilly, and sailor rock. They have blended sounds of traditional rock and roll, country, and surf.

Speedbuggy USA

Sweat and Style are the high geared twin axles of Speedbuggy USA. 

The sweat?  

Well, it’s their own.  Speedbuggy is one of the hardest playing bands in country music, putting their nitro-fueled brand on a genre that’s been the soundtrack to American life for nearly 100 years.

And the style? 

That’s theirs, too.  Speedbuggy arrived at their unique sound through the prism of experience, history and a love for some of the greatest music from country’s past. Their inspiration comes from the hard twanging Bakersfield sound of Buck Owens and his Buckeroos, followed by Merle Haggard.  A style of country music loud and proud enough  to cut through the noise of roadhouses packed with blue-collar crowds out for a good time.  

“It was working man’s music, and that’s exactly the kind of songs we write,” says Speedbuggy’s lyricist and front man, Timbo. “They’re songs about hard jobs, drinking and loving; real stories about real people; there’s not enough of that in country music these days.  I’ve worked hard jobs all my life, and I know these stories, because I’ve lived them”. 

The Richmond Sluts

By definition, a Richmond Slut would be a resident of a San Francisco neighborhood who compromises principles for personal gain. In context of the indie rock 'n' roll scene, the name suggests the unblushing ability to laud oneself. Yet, at no time would you catch a member of the Richmond Sluts perched on some barstool droning on and on about how bitchin' his band is; or how days of monumental proportions lie ahead for the band; and how the international rock press is all bubbly-mouthed over the band's recently released self-titled debut.

If you're a fan of the Richmond Sluts, don't expect a bombardment of endlessly galling e-mails detailing the band's MP3 chart positions, gig dates, or egomaniacally personal member updates. The gift of graft is lost on the Sluts. The band could give a shit. Conversation with band members reveals a welcome lack of self-aggrandizing hype. They come off like a proper rock band, befittingly fuzzyheaded and with all faculties in imperfect working order.

Cheap Tissue 

Directly east of the not-so-bright lights of Downtown Los Angeles, three young men met under a janky fire escape next to a dumpster and put their shriveled, pocketed dollar bills and loose change together to pay for the necessities (mostly booze) of starting a new band. 

Furthering their minimal efforts in the dull, cultural wasteland known as Echo Park in June 2015: Andrew Taylor and Jesse Youngblood began to write songs with a high level of energy they felt most people would not like very much at all. Shortly after, they found John Tyree lurking around the same local dives and one-eyed drummer Matthew Spizer. The four got together infrequently over the next six months in rehearsal spaces that did not belong to them and put the not-so-polished touches on the turd that is CHEAP TISSUE. 

Though most would describe CT as a garage-punk/rock ‘n’ roll outfit, they prefer being referred to as a very small, extremely sub-par orchestra with no conductor and the tendency to play songs at whatever tempo they feel like. 

Brandishing snarling, fuzzy guitars and three “singers” up front, Cheap Tissue is coming to sloppily satisfy the needs of your girlfriend, your sister, your mother, and your misses. 

Full Length LP out in January via Lolipop! Records and tour dates to be announced!