So you want book your band at Thee Parkside?

For You First Timers…

Step 1: How do you know that you are ready to play Thee Parkside?? You are ready when you can confidently say “We can do that!” to at least two of the four statements listed below:

* You have already played out  a bunch with your band.

* Your band has single-handedly sold out the Sleep Train Pavilion, more than once.
* You can honestly say to yourself, we can draw more people than just our immediate families to our shows…on a Monday.
* Your name is Joan Jett.

Step 2: Email us your music and some information on your band (MySpace links, old flyers, a list of bands you’ve played with, where and when, and/or a short bio). These things will all help us to put together a great show. If your band has recorded on vinyl, we prefer it. Contact information is at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Make some form of contact either by e-mail or phone, e-mail is thee best. Check with us on your submission, but not too many times. Remember that a lot of people will be sending us their stuff, so please give it at least three weeks after sending it.

Once you have a show booked with us:

Check your calendar and make sure that you have not booked any other local shows at least 2 weeks prior to your show with us or 2 weeks after.

If you have any special needs, make sure you tell us at the time of booking (or before) i.e. your band refuses to perform on stage, only on the floor in front of the stage.

Promote the shit out of your show. This means you have to step away from your computer and get out there and socialize. I know that you think Twittering is gonna bring in the crowd or that those Facebook Events are gonna do the trick, but it’s not true, Zuckerberg lied to you. You must hand out flyers, make phone calls or text everyone in your iPhone if you prefer not to speak to people. You should go to other local shows, spread the word and make friends with other bands. If you have a good show, we WILL book you again.

Make up handbills to tell the world that you have a show at Thee Parkside. Or, if you are too poor or too lazy, call us and see if we made handbills that you can pick up and pass out.

If you are planning on posting flyers on city streets, make sure you have read and are following the guidelines found at:

Make sure you contact us to advance your show at least 3-5 days prior to the night of your show. E-mail is thee best. We must have a contact phone number in case we need to reach you. You are expected to call the club at 415-252-1330 IMMEDIATELY if you are delayed or canceling on the day of show. When advancing please let us know how many are in your band, any DI (Direct Input) boxes you will need and any other special requirements.  Be prepared to “stagger” load-in based on your slot. You may be asked to load out immediately after your set. All band members & guests must have 21+ ID, firm, unless it is an All Ages show. If anyone in your band is under 21, you need to let us know prior to confirming your show.



-Never put our patrons or staff in harms way (smashing bottles, swinging mic stands, using pyrotechnics, etc).

-House equipment: you break it, you bought it.

-Bands drugging inside the club will be 86’d.

On the day of your show, remember, WE want you to have a good show. No one is working against you.


Booking Inquiry

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Please do not contact us through Facebook with booking inquiries. 

Send Vinyl to

Thee Parkside
Attn: Booking and Only Booking
1600 17th St.
San Francisco, CA 94107


Send Posters & Other Promotional Materials to:

Thee Parkside

Attn: Booking/Production

1600 17th St.

San Francisco, CA 94107